Our Story

Good idea means all

Beginnings of North Bohemia based Crystal Caviar company we can see in the year 1995. At the time Marek Landa, the founder and owner, was working overseas on the most luxurious yachts. And he got an idea – to start creating luxury Bohemian glass chandeliers safely installed on superyacht board. 

Dreams come true

He and his wife Michaela founded the company Crystal Caviar in 2010. The company is based on hundreds of years long tradition of Bohemian glass craftsmanship. At the beginning they had only passion to create something, what no one has ever produced before. With this activity they help to rescue and develop this traditional Bohemian craft.

The best you can imagine

The company is the biggest supplier of luxury glass chandeliers and crystal sculptures to the superyacht nowadays with more than 70 completed glass projects without any reclamation. The company also provides wide scale of glass products into private residences and also public buildings.


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